irPOD IR thermal imaging camera, thermal imager Core TC160 (blackline)

Stationary IR thermal imaging camera in miniature design with multiple interfaces and video out based on 40 Pin connecting field for customizing

FLIR – Forward Looking InfraRed – & IR Imaging & Infrared Thermal Imagers by ebs ATuS GmbH

TC160 cores can be easily integrated into products or systems of (customer’s) design with multi-interface on the backside. A TC core may support the digital video output, composite video output, remote control on PC after connecting directly with your existing device/network. TC160 made similar performance except the IR resolution is different, meanwhile, we provide 4 different sales package for the user’s option: Lens-less packing, Optional-lens packing, Cover-less packing, Optional-lens packing, Cover-less packing and Naked-chipset packing (without lens & shell).The TC160 are convenient to be fixed into an existing CCTV system with M2.5 & 1/4”-20 mounts, also they can be integrated into various applications including night vision systems, driving vision enhancement, firefighting equipments, medical equipment, thermal sights, security & surveillance products, thermal process control, existing- and counting investigations, Drone- and octocopter platform installations and more.


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  • Compact, lightweight package
  • 25-micron pixel pitch, NETD ~80mk
  • 50Hz frame rate for real time, crisp thermal image video
  • Auto|Manual brightness|Contrast adjustment
  • Video output in black & white or color palettes
  • Analog video output in PAL|NTSC selectable
  • Digital video output in LVDS, CMOS and BT.656 options
  • Multi-interface for easily embedded application
  • RS232|RS485 interface offers access to remote control on PC
  • Download newest software and remote updates with RS232|RS485
  • Advanced image processing function brings incredible thermal image video
  • Professional control software enables users to create their applications
  • Available 5 athermalized lenses, 5 manual lenses, and customized lenses


Detector Data

Detector TypeUncooled FPA, 160 x 120 pixels
Pixel pitch25µm
Thermal sensitivity(NETD)<80mk at f/1.0
Spectral band8 – 14um


Image Presentation

Time to image<3.5 sec
Advanced image improvementYes
Electronic zoomN/A
Polarity/LUTBlack hot / White hot
Image frozenYes
Pseudo-color enhancement5 color palette
Image correctionAuto/Manual
Cross cursorN/A
External synchronizationYes
Analog video outputPAL, 320×240 pixels (NTSC optional)
Digital video outputBT656(8Bit)/CMOS(14Bit)/LVDS



Primary Electrical Connector40-pin Hirose
External power interface9-24 VDC
Power consumption<2W (steady state)
Reverse polarity protectionYes
Over-voltage protectionYes
Control portRS232 (RS485 optional)
Analog video outputBNC/PAL/Composite video
Digital video output40PIN, BT656(8Bit)/CMOS(14Bit)/LVDS
MountingM2×0.4, 1/4″-20
Additional functionN/A


Environment Data

Operating temperature range-20°C~60°C
Storage temperature range-50°C~70°C
Vibration4.3g 3axes, 8hours each
Shock70g; 11msec shock pulse (all axes)
HumidityNon-condensing between 5% and 95%
Temperature-shock5°C/min (-30°C~+60°C)
Other StandardsCE, ROHS


Physical Data

Size (w/cover, w/o lens)40 x 49 x 51mm
Weight (w/o lens & rear cover)≤96g



Standard PackingThermal imaging core, 40-PIN connecting cable, CDROM (software and user manual),Warranty card
Optional PackingThermal imaging core, 40-PIN connecting cable, Adapter, 40-PIN cable with video port & power port & RS232 port, Video cable, RS232 control cable, CDROM (software and user manual), Warranty card
Option accessoriesInfrared lens





Data sheet TC160, TC384, TC640

We recommend the irPOD IR thermal imaging camera, thermal imager Core TC160 (blackline) for the following applications:

Automation / Quality AssuranceElectrothermographyIndustrial ThermographyPhotovoltaic Thermography

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